Knowledge about water filtering systems

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Can filtered water be given to children and infants?

The use of filtering jugs is an excellent solution for anyone who cares about their own and their family’s health. Modern filters contain a combination of activated charcoal and an ion exchange resin, guaranteeing the highest degree of purification of tap water from organic contaminants (such as chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, herbicides or pesticides) and mechanical (sand, rust, sediments). However, filters do not cause demineralization, i.e. they do not remove minerals that are beneficial to the human body, such as calcium or magnesium, from the water, thus preventing deficiencies of these micronutrients.

Can the water from the filter be given to children?

For babies up to 6 months of age, there is no need to give water, as little children are hydrated enough with milk (breast or modified). The situation changes if the child is feverish or has diarrhea or when milk is no longer the basis of food in case of older children.

Then you have to choose the safest solution

Specialists recommend low-mineralized and still water for children, so as not to cause discomfort from the digestive system. Water is the healthiest and the best drink for a child. Juices and drinks may contain large amounts of sugar, which may even increase the demand for water.Many people give their children boiled tap water. Boiling water removes bacteria and viruses, but not pollution.

Filtering jugs purify water from any contaminants that may harm a child's sensitive body, regardless of age. Healthy and clean filtered water is suitable for direct consumption; it is also perfect for preparing meals and drinks, e.g. teas for children. It can also be used in air humidifiers or inhalers, which are often useful for children during illness.

Older children can use Dafi filtering bottles, comfortable and light, with a small capacity (0.3 litters), which they can take with them to school or playground. Such a bottle can be filled anywhere where there is tap water, and parents will be sure that the child drinks healthy and safe water.