Can filtered water be drunk directly without boiling?

How long should the filtration process last
How long should the filtration process last?
Luty 17, 2019
Can filtered water be given to children and infants
Can filtered water be given to children and infants?
Luty 26, 2019
Can filtered water be drunk directly without boiling

Despite improving the quality of tap water, many people still have doubts whether it is healthy and drinkable straight from the tap. Unfortunately, these doubts may be justified. Water flowing through the water supply system is exposed to re-contamination, especially if it flows through an old installation that has not been changed for years. Even the water, which has been thoroughly cleaned in water treatment stations, may contain rust, sand or other deposits after reaching home; it may even contain hazardous heavy metals (such as copper or lead) which are dangerous for health. In addition, chlorine is still used for purifying water. It has excellent bactericidal features, but it can reduce the taste and affect the smell of water. Hence the demand and popularity of the tap water re-treatment systems in homes is high. For this purpose, both flow filters, mounted directly on the elements of the sewage system (pipes or taps), as well as convenient and practical jugs and bottles with filter cartridges are used.

Is the water from the filter healthy?

Until now, it was thought that it was enough to boil tap water so that it would be safe to drink. High temperature kills bacteria and viruses that may be in it, but for example, mechanical impurities that got into it during the transport to our homes will not be removed. In addition, it is quite a nuisance, because water should be boiled first, then cooled and stored in a suitable vessel, which in time will have sediment of lime. The filtration of water at home is a much easier and healthier method. First of all, water is ready to drink immediately and can have the temperature chosen by us (it can be cold if we need a cool, or lukewarm when we want to give it to a child). Secondly, filtering guarantees a perfect cleaning, so you can drink immediately after filtering without worries. In addition, filtered water has a reduced hardness level, so it is tastier, has no chlorine odor and is safe for household appliances (e.g. irons).

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