How long should the filtration process last?

How should you filter water
How should you filter water?
Luty 11, 2019
Can filtered water be drunk directly without boiling
Can filtered water be drunk directly without boiling?
Luty 21, 2019
How long should the filtration process last

Jugs and filtering bottles have become extremely popular in recent years. This is related to the general trend to being fit and taking care of health, but also with the increased awareness of the benefits of filtering tap water at home. The filtration process is extremely easy and fast, and thanks to it we get clean, healthy water. The filter cartridge, placed in a jug, contains activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. Such construction guarantees the purification of tap water from mechanical (like sediment or rust) and chemical  impurities (eliminates chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals or pesticides). Thanks to the reduction of water hardness no sludge appears in drinks and household appliances where water is used. Lime is not settled which prolongs appliances life – is an additional advantage of using filters. On the other hand, it should be remembered, that the filter does not eliminate from water minerals beneficial to the bodyr, such as calcium or magnesium. Moreover, some filters (e.g. Dafi MineralUp) additionally mineralize water and enrich it with magnesium ions, preventing deficiencies of this element in the body.

How to prepare a filtering jug?

The jug must be prepared before its first use. After washing it with warm water and a mild detergent (dishwashing liquid) and thoroughly rinsing, place a filter cartridge in the jug. Then pour the water into the pitcher twice, wait for it to flow through the filter and pour it out (or use it, for example, to water flowers). As a result, the filter will be rinsed out of any activated microns. The jug prepared in this way is ready for use and subsequent fillings are based only on pouring tap water.

How long to filter the water?

It takes only a few minutes to filter the water. There is not much difference in filtering time, regardless of the capacity of the jug. Remember to properly prepare the jug you use for the first time and after replacing the filter cartridge. The manufacturer recommends replacing it every 4 weeks, so we will have a guarantee of clean and healthy water.

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