How should you filter water?

What is the filtering jug for?
Luty 2, 2019
How long should the filtration process last
How long should the filtration process last?
Luty 17, 2019
How should you filter water

Water filtration is a simple and fast process. Place tap water straight into the jug with the filter cartridge. After filtering, water flows into a tank with a capacity of 2 to 4 litres, depending on the model of the jug. Then it is ready for direct consumption or for further use, e.g. for cooking or household appliances (like irons, coffee makers or refrigerators with water dispenser).

What should you remember about the filtering process?

Filtering water in a filtering jug is very simple; it takes just a few moments. However, it is important to prepare the jug and filter properly for the first use (and at every replacement of the filter, which is recommended by the manufacturer every 4 weeks). After purchasing the jug, wash it with warm water and a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Remove the filter from the packaging and put it in the appropriate place in the jug, and then fill the jug with water. After filtration, the water should be poured out. It may have a slightly greyish shade, which is a normal phenomenon caused by dust particles from activated carbon used in the filter. Then the action should be repeated, and the water should be poured out again (it can also be used to water the flowers). This process is intended to deaerate the filter and possibly remove activated carbon from the microfine.  The jug and cartridge are ready for use right after.

The jug can be refilled repeatedly, but remember to change the filter regularly. The newest jugs have indicators that remind you of the date of exchange. If the indicator is manual, the pointer should be set to the date in one month after the first insertion of the new filter. If the jug has a LED sensor, the colour of light will indicate the degree of filter wear – yellow communicates that you should be prepared for replacing the filter in the near future, red informs about the expiry of 30 days and the filter should be replaced with a new one. The jug should also not be exposed to direct sunlight, and the water should be used within max. 48 hours from filtering, so that we can be sure that it is still perfectly clean and healthy.

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